Beauty and the Beast Broadway Costume

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My name is Thom Gonzales, and I am a costume designer in NJ.  My costume rental show is only for Beauty and the Beast.  My family and I are planning to move soon and I have to shut down my costume rental business here in NJ. I have the full Beauty and the Beast show including Costumes, Props and Broadway Chip Cart.  I can usually costume a cast of 55-60. My usual weekly rental for the show was usually $12,000.00 plus.  The only props I have not made for the show are the Gaston Mugs and the Enchanted Rose... The Enchanted Mirror and Chip Cart, Lumier Hands and Stunt Chip head on a silver tray for Mrs Potts cross on stage talking to chip. There are so many items it fills a 24' U-Haul. From shoes, stockings, 18th century lady's padding, jewelry, etc.'s a lot...

I also have a lot of Historical couples costumes, mainly from the 18th century that I have to sell also.

You can check out a lot of my costumes on my Instagram account under Nycthomboy or my name. The only items I am not selling are my original Broadway costumes, the Beast and Gaston.  But I have made replacements for most.

Thank you,