Lion King sun, set and some costumes

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  • Star People glow skirts and glow spheres
  • Collapsable Sun
  • Elephant graveyard
  • Mufasa Head
  • Fan Birds, Can You Feel THe Love
  • Lion King Cape
  • 7 green jungle costumes
  • Pride Rock
  • Scars Ramp
  • White birds

Lion King Items:


1 large collapsable sun. Raises and lowers on a baton. Collapses fully to the stage.

1 Scar Ramp

2 Gorge stairs

2 Gorge Legs (16' tall x 6' wide)

1 Large Mufasa Head

6 Elephat ribs for Elephant Graveyard - platforms not included

Facing for Pride Rock-cart not included



4 light up star people skirts

8 light up star globes (spheres)

7 colorful issis wings plus sticks

7 sari sets (tunic and pants) various colors

1 Lion King cape

2 Psychedelic Giraff Puppest 7' tall (Can't Wait to be King)

1 Psychedelic Ostrich Puppet (Can't Wait to be King)

3 White bird costumes

8 Jungle People costumes for Hakuna Matata inlcudes tunic, sash and hat.