New Girl in Town

New Girl in Town
A woman with a troubled past finds love and a fresh start when she moves back to her childhood home.

Based on Anna Christie, Eugene O'Neill's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, New Girl in Town is a passionate, joyous musical by Broadway master George Abbott and then-newcomer Bob Merrill. The 1921 classic is brought to colorful turn-of-the--century New York in this solid star vehicle that blends the moving tenderness of the original play with appealing melodies and infectious dances.

An old Swedish sailor is overjoyed when his daughter, Anna, visits him after fifteen years of living in St. Paul. His crony, Marthy, realizes that she is not the sweet innocent whom her father imagines, though, but rather a former streetwalker who's come back to reassemble the pieces of her shattered life. Anna gradually fits in with her father's friends, even falling in love for the first time... until an envious Marthy spills the truth about Anna's past at a neighborhood ball, nearly destroying her dream of happiness.

Written for the incomparable Gwen Verdon, the show is ideal for a charismatic "triple-threat" performer. Fans of the incomparable O' Neil will flock to see this musical adaptation of his work.



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