Brisa's Pieces: 3 Reasons to "Bring It" to Your Theater

Brisa's Pieces: 3 Reasons to "Bring It" to Your Theater

I’m thrilled that Bring It On will soon be made available for licensing to theaters around the country. Though I was never a cheerleader myself (sports? what?), this show has a lot to cheer about. In case you haven't had a chance to see it on tour or on Broadway, here are just a few reasons to consider it for a future season.

#3 It's Young
With a cast entirely comprised of high school aged students there's a huge opportunity to give the top students from your theater’s education program their shot at some great starring roles. Several of my friends were on the Broadway creative team and they loved the energy and enthusiasm backstage with almost an entire cast of Broadway newbies. If you really want to wow your audiences, you can partner with an actual cheerleading squad or gymnastics team to perform real stunts on stage. Harnessing the young talent in your community is an exciting opportunity to showcase the next generation of performers.

#2 It's Smart
Written by a Tony and Pulitzer winning Broadway team including Lin Manuel Miranda (In The Heights), Jeff Whitty (Avenue Q), Tom Kitt (Next to Normal), and Amanda Green (High Fidelity), it has all the candy coated sis-boom-bah that you'd expect from a show about cheerleaders. But just as you'd expect from this talented "squad," there's a lot more to it. The show cleverly takes on difficult high school challenges like bullying, competition and racial/cultural/gender differences and provides a great opportunity for your theater to stimulate discussion around these topics within your community.
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#1 It Sells!
Last, but certainly not least, Bring It On sells! With a proven track record of success throughout the country, it is a consistent crowd pleaser and attracts that coveted, hard to please younger demographic.

So to borrow a lyric from Bring It On, "It's All Happening" in this high energy, high flying show. I can't wait to start seeing some regional and local productions.

Bring It!