Cindy Says: Celebrate with Kids – It's All Good!

Cindy Says: Celebrate with Kids – It's All Good!

By Cindy Ripley on September 27, 2016

What a great day I had “launching the season” this weekend at a retreat for an area honors choir with singers of all ages.  To my surprise, our annual pizza lunch ended up with an oversized cake with, yes, my picture on it as well as the sweetest birthday greeting.  Yup, 29 again I’m afraid, but the delight on the newcomers’ faces as they wished me happy birthday, recaptured for me the same joy we all felt as children. Remember those times when a birthday celebration was the highlight of the day, the week and more?  When I was teaching, students looked forward to a serenade of our signature birthday song performed by the cast or choir of the moment.  It was a rite of passage: “Tradition,” as Tevye says.  Kids need to celebrate themselves and others, as Cindy says.

Why do I hear from students 20 years later reminiscing about that same old song they now share with their own kids? Kids never forget the feeling of being celebrated. It captures and refocuses the energy in the room and refocuses it in a positive and memorable way.

  • Never underestimate the power of a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday” sung by a cast of peers.
  • Have that special student lead warm ups for the day.
  • Share the Director’s role with the birthday student.
  • Create your own “signature tradition” for celebration.


It is easy to get caught up in everyday schedules and rehearsal routine.  Take a little time to celebrate your students and you will find the rewards will be memorable for everyone. 


  • Can be brief yet powerful, serious or silly, yet always sincere.
  • Are an excellent opportunity for socialization and group dynamics.
  • Are a chance for students to venture out of their comfort zone.
  • Allow time to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness.
  • Break routine and refocus energy.

However you choose to celebrate events with your student groups, large or small, it is a significant part of the growth process. Those few minutes are unforgettable investment in kid’s self-esteem.

Guess I’ll celebrate 29 a few more times.


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