Cindy Says: Summer Theater Programs? Priceless!

Cindy Says: Summer Theater Programs? Priceless!

I love summer time – the livin’ is easy and inspiration can strike you anytime, anywhere!  Yesterday was the first day of our iTheatrics pilot of Oliver JR., which will be followed by six weeks of new shows and hundreds of new kids.  I had a 14-year-old from Alabama, an 11-year-old from Kansas City, and even a 9-year-old whose parent is a prominent Broadway choreographer. The rush of welcoming new faces, the possibility of witnessing what the arts can do for “newbies” and the relaxed environment of summer can inspire you to re-align your program. Don’t under-estimate the rewards and lasting lessons of summer theater programs, whether the experience is through a theater camp, weekend workshop, church program, or community theater program.

We “arts types” are used to defending the value of our programs, primarily of course, because we know it is a sure-fire way to remain sustainable.  Here are a few points to remember when you are asked to once again defend and validate summer theater programs.  You know these activities have a life-changing effect on the children that participate.  Make sure everyone else does. 

  • Kids learn teamwork.
  • The environment teaches resilience.
  • Kids learn to make decisions.
  • Kids experience different time management techniques than during the school year.
  • Kids take on challenges that they might not in a school setting.
  • Kids often have an opportunity to work with professional teaching artists.
  • Kids can become fully immersed in all elements of putting on a show.
  • Kids have an opportunity to connect with a variety of age groups.
  • Kids work creatively for a common goal.

Yes I have oodles of music to learn this summer as well as new faces to welcome.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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