Empower Your Cast and Crew with ProductionPro’s Digital Scripts and Scores

Empower Your Cast and Crew with ProductionPro’s Digital Scripts and Scores

By Music Theatre International on October 26, 2021

School is back in session! Whether you’re online or in-person, your next musical is knocking on your door. With that show excitement also comes show stress. Lost scripts. Forgotten blocking. Missed choreography. Missed rehearsals. Keeping everything on track seems like an impossible task. When you’re a director, you oversee what can feel like everything…but ProductionPro is here to help!

ProductionPro is an interactive sharing platform for your cast, crew, and production team that features a digital version of your MTI show’s script and score. The innovative software enables you to direct everyone to a single source that contains your ongoing rehearsal information. Whether it’s a smartphone, computer, or tablet, your cast will have unlimited updated access to any and all show details.

What’s more, ProductionPro enables you, as the director, to share real-time script notes and upload any research or references that help translate your vision.

6 Reasons to Use ProductionPro for Your Next MTI Show

1)Engage with the Script from Day One

With ProductionPro, you will be able to freely distribute your MTI script and score to all members of your cast and crew with no limitations. You will be able to give every member of your show the chance to immediately engage with the material.

2)Share Your Vision of the Show for Each Scene and Character

By attaching both research and references to relevant moments in the script, your cast can immediately get an idea of your vision for each character and scene. From characterization to set design and atmosphere – as well as your production’s musical numbers – your cast and crew can go through your ideas before day one of rehearsals.

3)Give Director’s Notes in Real-time

Not only will you be able to create notes for a variety of categories – design, choreography, blocking, even line notes – directly on the pages of your script, you will be able to instantly share them with the cast and crew.

4)Post and Update Video Footage of Choreography, Blocking, and Music Rehearsals

Show, don’t tell! With ProductionPro, you can easily upload video footage of your choreography, blocking, and music rehearsals for your performers to quickly and easily reference. And if something changes between rehearsals, you can instantly share every update with your cast and crew using ProductionPro.

5)Stay Organized with a Visual Breakdown of the Script

An incredible interface delineating each scene and song gives a helpful breakdown of all the show’s elements and makes it easy to jump to a particular section of the script.

6)ProductionPro is Trusted by Over 52,000 Theatre People and Counting

You read that right. 52,000 theatre professionals and amateurs trust ProductionPro to make their shows the best they can be.

ProductionPro and MTI at Barbara Ingram School for the Arts from ProductionPro on Vimeo.