Finding "Trust" as an Actor - Kimberly Faye Greenberg from Broadway Blogspot

Finding "Trust" as an Actor - Kimberly Faye Greenberg from Broadway Blogspot

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This week, BroadwayBlogspot's Exec. Producer & Co-Creator, Kimberly Faye Greenberg, who currently works as a professional Wadrobe Dresser and Actress in New York City, discusses the art of "trust" within acting and the industry. Check it out...
"Trust" by Kimberly Faye Greenberg
Never in my life would I have ever imagined that I would be starring in 2 shows Off-Broadway at one time! One being a Solo Show, “One Night With Fanny Brice”, written/directed/arranged by Chip Deffaa and the other being the two hander, “Danny & Sylvia, the Danny Kaye Musical”.

Honestly, I never even knew that was even remotely a possibility for any actor who was already currently playing in one NY show….my thought would be..”Are you crazy? Two at the same time? Completely impossible!”….. Or so I thought.

Because, well, not only am I doing it…but I have learned that I share this special honor with only a handful of other performers which includes such notables as Cynthia Nixon and Elaine Stritch. And now the question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is…” how do I do it?”…..

Well, this was something that I have had to mull over myself for a while because quite honestly I wasn’t even sure. It can sort of be compared to being on a very fast moving train…you get on for the ride and TRUST that you will arrive at your destination (the curtain call) with an audience that is happy to have paid to spend the their afternoon/evening with you. But what I come to realize is that “Trust”, for me, is the optimum word here. Let me elaborate on what I mean as it truly does encompass so many thing….

“Trust” in the fact that the rehearsal and preparation for each role has taken place; “trust” that my body will find the vast amount of emotional and physical energy needed”; “trust” that I have the determination to make it all work no matter what might happen when the lights come up and I’m up there all alone and/or with one other for several hours; “trust” that all that money/time/energy that I’ve spent in class/coachings/school and that the teachers/advisors etc. that I’ve had in the course of my entire life have endowed me the tools needed to use my talents and make them work for the roles I’m playing (no matter the nay sayers); “trust” that the actual stage experience I’ve already had in roles of all kinds all over the country have been building blocks to this opportunity; “trust” that the power of positivity, hard work, a little elbow grease, a positive support system, the ability to let down my guard and be emotionally available to those that share the stage with me and/or my audience should I be performing alone; “trust” that I may never ever find perfection but as the saying goes “ the greatest gifts lie in imperfection as long as their rooted in honesty and truth”, so cliché…yet true; “Trust” that the unbelievable power of the “universe” will make it all come together in the best way possible; and. finally “trust” in admitting to the plain fact that this is probably the scariest and hardest challenge I’ve ever known.

Yep, “trust” is truly how I navigate doing two shows at once. And what’s even greater is that “trust “is making this the most unique and best performing/stage experiences I’ve ever had  …and on a bigger scale  one of the most positive life fulfilling and life affirming challenges I have ever known!