Free Read: Get Smitten with Emma!

Free Read: Get Smitten with Emma!

Jane Austen's adored heroine gets the musical treatment in Emma from acclaimed composer and lyricist Paul Gordon (Daddy Long LegsJane Eyre). For centuries, Emma Woodhouse has charmed and delighted readers - and now she does so onstage. With the option of setting the show either in the Regency Era or mid-century modern, Streaming options, and a flexible cast size, Emma is truly a timeless tale of love, making mistakes, and holding yourself accountable.

A carefree woman, Emma Woodhouse has "the very best blessings of existence" with "very little to vex or distress me." She is also a self-proclaimed matchmaker who thinks too highly of her abilities. When her attempts at matchmaking and romance go awry, Emma has to face herself and the people she has hurt.

Full of wit and charm, Emma is a perfect match for any stage. Read the libretto and see for yourself why everyone is falling in love with Emma.

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