Huge Update: Electronic Delivery of RehearScore®Plus Now Available!

Huge Update: Electronic Delivery of RehearScore®Plus Now Available!

By Music Theatre International on February 01, 2017

No More CDs and No More Waiting!

Download Instantly to Your Computer!  

Forward to All Your Cast members and Get on with the Show! 

RehearScore®Plus is MTI’s most popular resource, having been used with great results during the rehearsal process by thousands of theatrical organizations around the world.

RehearScore®Plus is a complete digital rendition of the Piano-Conductor Score, sequenced by a top Broadway pianist, precisely the way the composer intended. Every musical number (including scene changes, dance music and underscoring) is recorded in its entirety so you can rehearse even if you don’t have a pianist.

And now, with the launch of our downloadable version, you can begin using RehearScore®Plus instantly.  We will no longer be offering CDs…instead, we’re eliminating the waiting and hassle by going completely digital.

You can purchase RehearScore®Plus through your MyMTI account as soon as you book your show and then at any time throughout your rehearsal process.

You will then receive an email with a dedicated link to download the RehearScore®Plus.  This link can be shared multiple times with all the members of your cast throughout your licensing period.

Why Use RehearScore®Plus?

  • Every cast member can have access to RehearScore®Plus.

Download the RehearScore®Plus onto as many computers as you like.

  • Conduct dance or choral rehearsals.

Vary the tempo and separate parts.

  • Find the right key – transpositions are easy.

Transpose up and down in half-step increments.

  • Isolate, increase or remove any particular vocal line.

Because each singer’s part has been recorded on a separate track, it can be played back with or without accompaniment (or louder or softer, relative to the accompaniment).

  • Click and jump to any measure.

Measure numbers match the score.

  • Add cuts and vamps.
  • Save your changes.