Let the SHOUT! Pros Come to You - by Victoria Lang

Let the SHOUT! Pros Come to You - by Victoria Lang

By Jason Cocovinis on March 01, 2011
License the rights to perform SHOUT! from Music Theatre InternationalHow often have you looked at your daunting season line-up and felt overwhelmed at your “To Do List”?  Don’t you just love it when you can point to one of those shows and say: “Oh, that’s the easy one.”  Well, these days, many Artistic Directors are telling me that SHOUT! is their “easy one” due to the many professional elements we are able to provide to licensed productions to assist them in producing a fab production.
Help from the Pros
When a theatre doesn’t have an experienced design team or crew, enough time, resources or storage space,  the dazzling Off Broadway and Touring sets designed by Tony Award winning designer David Gallo, and the stunning Off Broadway costumes by Broadway designer Philip Heckman are available for rent from the Pittsburgh CLO Construction Center for the Arts (Contact: Michele Sullivan msullivan@pittsburghclo.org ).  Sets available on MTI ShowSpace

Many theatres have benefited from renting these elements, delivering a quality production, and allowing them the time to focus on other areas such as marketing and ticket sales. The Pittsburgh CLO has an excellent reputation for delivering production elements on time, in great shape, and working with theatres of all sizes on pricing. Their technical production supervisor, John Edkins, has toured across the country and around the world with many shows.  He has a great deal of expertise in servicing all kinds of production needs, so in addition to getting a professional set and costumes, theatres get professional advice. And John does whatever he can to accommodate renters, and make the rental process smooth and seamless.

Having a hard time finding those groovy hand instruments, Union Jack umbrellas, and other props? Tired of sending your Production Assistants all over town and your Interns all over the Internet? Easy. Rent them. Everything can show up at your Stage Door in one box.
Sounds and Music Tracks
SHOUT! is a show full of sound effects and voice overs. Some theatres with limited means are concerned about the quality of producing their own recordings. That’s why award-winning Sound Designer Tony Meola (Wicked, The Lion King) has made his recordings available for rent at a nominal fee.

In fact, theatres that have difficulty finding qualified musicians, or even the budget for musicians for their production of SHOUT!, can rent the full music tracks used in the national tour. The tracks were recorded with 5 pieces and are so well done that I remember an audience member at the Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale asking me where we hid the orchestra!
Community Rentals
Costumes on MTI ShowSpaceCheck out the Community Rentals section for SHOUT! on MTI ShowSpace for a list of all the professional elements including sets, props, costumes and more - available to make SHOUT! “the easy one” on your list.

In the end, renting can actually save time, money, and headaches – and that’s something to SHOUT! about!
About Victoria Lang
SHOUT! Producer, Victoria Lang

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If you’re having a challenge with SHOUT!, let me help you solve it.  I really enjoy interacting with fellow Producers. Feel free to visit my MTI ShowSpace profile or email me at VLProducer@aol.com.

Victoria Lang is the Founder of the Lang Entertainment Group (LEG) - an award-winning independent development and production company focusing on theatre, film and interactive media.  In the fall of 2004, LEG opened the first New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) with SHOUT! THE MOD MUSICAL, which went on to a six month Off-Broadway run in 2006 before launcing a national tour and productions in Chicago, Japan, Korea, London, and throughout the UK.