MTI Announces Partnership and Availability of Stage Write: Staging Assistant

MTI Announces Partnership and Availability of Stage Write: Staging Assistant

MTI is announcing a partnership with resource developer Stage Write that will make their state-of-the-art software available to MTI customers starting today.

Stage Write: Staging Assistant makes it simple to plan the blocking, choreography, and spacing for MTI productions. Stage Write is an innovative software program that allows users to track movement of actors, set pieces, props, and cues for their shows. Stage Write consists of three main features designed to make blocking and choreography fun and easy: Spacing Charts, Digital Script & Score, and Collaboration.

With Spacing Charts, users can use the Virtual Stage to track spacing and traffic patterns of actors, scenery, props, and all of the moving parts of a production. The Digital Script and Score lets users add notes, blocking and cues to the digital script and score. The Collaboration feature helps keep everyone on the same page by providing everyone access to edit, view and share changes in real time.

Jeff Whiting, the Founder and Creator of Stage Write says, "We are honored to partner with Music Theatre International. As leaders in the industry, MTI knows there is a need to help directors and choreographers bring their creative vision to life from start to finish and we are thrilled to help simplify the creative process by placing all the creative tools at your fingertips and to allow MTI customers to take their productions to the next level."

"Stage Write is an incredibly valuable new resource for our customers," stated John Prignano, MTI's Chief Operating Officer and Director of Education & Development. "With Stage Write, directors can implement changes quickly and track every detail of their production in real-time. This frees up the entire production team to focus on the creative process and producing the best show possible."

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