Music Theatre International Announces Acquisition of 1660 Vine

Music Theatre International Announces Acquisition of 1660 Vine

A stage version of the movie musical 1660 Vine has joined the MTI catalogue.

Presented by WitzEnd Productions and PhilmCo Media, in association with ASPIRE and Streaming Musicals, 1660 Vine follows a group of influencers as they take up residence in a famed Hollywood apartment building to pursue their dreams of social media stardom. Voiced by an original script and score written by a diverse group of young songwriters, the various characters of 1660 Vine confront questions of fame, influence, identity and mental health. While the residents update their followers through vlogs, gaming streams, makeup tutorials, TikTok dances, songs and pranks, they navigate their search for identity, discovering the difference between what is authentic and what is curated. The musical film is currently available to watch on Streaming Musicals, Broadway On Demand and other platforms here.

1660 Vine is an ensemble tale torn from today's headlines, created by a diverse team of 20-somethings who have brought their own authentic life experiences into the book- writing and songwriting processes.

Directed by Patricia McGregor – Artistic Director of the New York Theater Workshop – the film was choreographed by superstar entertainer Paula Abdul, with music supervision from the team that oversaw the “High School Musical” franchise, and a cast that has more than 38 million followers and 4 billion views.

A pilot production of the stage musical will be performed December 9-11 at Hollywood High School in Los Angeles.

Jackson Prince, who wrote the screenplay and who initiated this project while a student at Duke University, said of 1660 Vine, “We conceived of a story that speaks to the opportunities and challenges that young people face in this social-media-obsessed world. I’m excited to see how high schoolers, college students, and other stage artists of all generations will bring their own experiences and reflections to the show.”

Drew Cohen, President and CEO of Music Theatre International stated, “We are very excited to represent this brand-new musical based on an already-successful motion picture. Embracing the world of the lifestyle influencer proved to be both timely and clever, but empowering the influencers themselves to create the content was brilliant, given that content-creation is what they do best. It will be exciting to see 1660 Vine on stages of all sizes around the world.”

1660 Vine is primed for a buzzy landing into a social media friendly landscape, moving audiences of all generations with authentic and important stories about the social media generation... all to the beat of a joyful, passionate soundtrack of original songs.

Lakeshore Records will release an original cast recording on all major streaming platforms on Nov 11th.

Visit the MTI show page here for licensing and additional information. International restrictions apply.