No Backdrops? No Problem! Introducing: Scenic Projections

No Backdrops? No Problem! Introducing: Scenic Projections

Music Theatre International has partnered with acclaimed design and production specialists, Broadway Media Distribution (BMD) to offer a new resource that provides first-rate animated digital scenery at affordable prices.

Scenic Projection Show Packages bring a cinematic element to the theatrical medium, solving many problems theaters face when mounting live productions. Featuring two options, exciting Animated Videos and beautiful Image Slides , Scenic Projection Show Packages include all scenes and settings from the official script which are placed in a playback timeline, allowing operators to press one button to control all of the digital scenery. The products are offered at various price points for over 30 full-length and Broadway JuniorTM musicals.

"When a customer purchases a Scenic Projection Show Package from MTI, they are essentially getting another member of their production team," says John Prignano, MTI's Chief Operations Officer. That's because there's a dedicated phone number to reach the experts from BMD who consult with customers to ensure success for their theatre. The BMD team is also available to help through around-the-clock technical support. "We're thrilled to offer such a useful and artistically-sound product, but one of the real selling points is that the people at BMD understand theatre and the needs of our customers. We couldn't be happier with this partnership."

BMD introduced the concept of commercially produced digital scenery for plays and musicals in 2013 and provides meaningful and compelling media to theatres of all sizes; ensuring the continued enrichment of the theatrical experience through the promotion of new and innovative methods of storytelling.

According to Quentin Sanford, the President of BMD, "We're thrilled to be partnering with MTI. We have developed an innovative and cost-effective scenic alternative that makes big musicals possible for every theatre. We can't wait to see theatres around the country embrace this resource."

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