Resource Spotlight: Virtual Stage Management

Resource Spotlight: Virtual Stage Management

Virtual Stage Management is a personal, interactive website that combines show management, artist accessibility and social networking. Until now, stage managers, directors and venues have had to rely on photocopied calendars, emails, and handwritten forms to manage and schedule rehearsals, performance spaces, cast bios and more - all the paperwork that has to be done to organize a production. With Virtual Stage Management, none of this is necessary anymore. Scheduling rehearsal for a scene or tech rehearsal is incredibly simple. You just place it on the calendar, and all company members who are needed for that event receive an email or text message with their call time. Company members can login and enter their scheduling conflicts, which you can choose to accept or ignore. You can schedule multiple rehearsals at the same time in different spaces, and you'll be alerted if you are trying to schedule the same person in two places.

Click here to watch video demonstration of Virtual Stage Management.

Tzipora Kaplan, a former stage manager now working at MTI was stunned when she saw this feature, "It would save so much time in the endless rounds of communication you have to do as a stage manager. " And by eliminating the time spent on paperwork, your artistic staff are free to oversee more important things!

  • Manage multiple shows simultaneously

  • Track scenes and characters to easily create schedules and reports

  • Work from any computer with internet access, at any time

  • Artists can access their own section of the website to update their profile, enter their headshot & bio, and check their schedules

  • Generate your program with bios collected on the site

  • Send out email and text messages to your entire company, or any subgroup at any time

You can manage any show with VSM. Exclusive to MTI, many of their most popular shows have been broken down by professional stage managers, saving you time when scheduling your show.
Full List of shows already in the VSM Library available here.

Pricing is simple, with either a per-show or per-year pricing structure.  Check out our Price Guide for more information. And if you're performing an MTI show, you'll have an extra discount.

For more information, please visit the Virtual Stage Management page here.