Rock Around The Clock with A-Wop Bop A-Loo Bop!

Rock Around The Clock with A-Wop Bop A-Loo Bop!

You're invited to rock with a brand-new show, A-Wop Bop A-Loo Bop! This jukebox tribute to the early days of Rock & Roll is now available for licensing, as well as our Live Stream and Scheduled Content streaming licenses. Read the Libretto for FREE and license A-Wop Bop A-Loo Bop for your stage.

A-Wop Bop A-Loo Bop takes us back to the late 1950’s as Rock & Roll is taking the airwaves by storm. Roberta "Ruby" Lester and her friends are spunky teenagers with dreams of making it big on in the music industry. But sometimes dreams don’t go as planned. When the local radio station announces that “Rock‘n’Roll has got to go”, the kids take a stand for the music they love.

Featuring such hit songs as “Rock Around The Clock”, “Jailhouse Rock”, “Tutti Frutti”, “Up On the Roof”, “The Loco-Motion”, “I’m Sorry” and “Land Of 1000 Dances”, this new jukebox musical will get a whole new generation of rockin’ around the clock!

Available in the US and Canada only.

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