Theatre Now's 10-Minute Musicals Join MTI

Theatre Now's 10-Minute Musicals Join MTI

MTI has announced an agreement with Theatre Now New York, an artist service organization dedicated to the development of new works, to represent and license 25 short musicals from its collection beginning in early 2021.  

The 25 musicals that will join the MTI catalog all began as part of Theatre Now's annual SOUND BITES Festival of 10-Minute Musicals. Now in its seventh year, the Festival showcases eight new musicals by up-and-coming musical theatre writing teams. The licensable versions of the shows will all be around 10-20 minutes in length and will be available for streaming and remote performances. See the list in the dropdown below: 

List of 10-Minute Musicals

Learn more at Theatre Now.

A MOST AVERAGE MUSICAL Book & Lyrics by Jonathan Keebler, Music by Bob Kelly, Based on a Screenplay by Talia Berger 
A RELATIVE RELATIONSHIP Book, Music, & Lyrics by Timothy Huang
ANT AND GRASSHOPPER Book & Lyrics by A.J. Freeman, Music by Dimitri Landrain
BITTERSWEET LULLABY Book by Will Lacker, Music & Lyrics by Dylan Glatthorn
BOOK LOVERS Book & Lyrics by Talaura Harms, Music by Jonathan Bauerfeld
BYSTANDER Book & Lyrics by Ed Levy, Music by Eric Grunin
COOKIE SOIREE Book & Lyrics by Justin Anthony Long, Music by Ge Enrique, Concept by Jonny Lee Jr.
COOKING FOR TWO Book & Lyrics by Charlie O'Leary, Music by Karl Hinze
DEAD FLOWERS Book, Music, & Lyrics by Michael Finke
DINOSAUR Book, Music, & Lyrics by Zach Spound
END OF THE LINE Book by Howard Ho, Lyrics by Chris Edgar, Music by Kristen Rea
FINDING THE WORDS Book & Lyrics by Andy Roninson and Chris Critelli, Music by Andy Roninson
FRANKLIN PIERCE: DRAGON SLAYER Book & Lyrics by Preston Max Allen, Music by Will Buck
ON YOUR MARK! Book & Lyrics by Danny K. Bernstein, Music by Aaron Kenny
PELLETS, CHERRIES, AND LIES: THE PAC MAN STORY Book, Music, & Lyrics by Erik Przytulski
RUN THIS TOWN Book & Lyrics by Cindy Sideris, Music by Assaf Gleizner
SUPERHOTS! Book & Lyrics by Blair Bodine, Book & Music by Joel Esher
THE ALMOST IN-LAWS Book & Lyrics by Greg Edwards, Music by Andy Roninson
THE ANSWERING MACHINE Book & Lyrics by Kevin Hammonds, Music by Andy Roninson
THE CHARM Book & Lyrics by Christiana Cole, Music by David Shenton
THE FACEBOOK FIGHTER Book, Music, & Lyrics by Chris Kerrigan
THE HIPSTER SISTER Book, Music, & Lyrics by Andy Roninson
THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS Book, Music, & Lyrics by Chris Kerrigan
WELCOME TO RIDGINGTON Book & Lyrics by Jordan Silver, Music by Luke Steinhauer
WHAT'S YOUR WISH? Book, Music, & Lyrics by Thicket & Thistle

MTI's President and CEO, Drew Cohen said, "We are very excited to partner with our friends at Theatre Now to license their collection of 10-minute musicals, all of which premiered at the SOUND BITES Festival. These new works allow us the opportunity to highlight burgeoning writers, particularly at a time when their shows' abbreviated running times and ability to be performed remotely are perfect for the age of social-distancing and beyond."

"Over the past six years of the SOUND BITES Festival, we have been astounded by the diversity and flexibility reflected in the short-form musical. We're thrilled to partner with MTI in bringing these musicals to an expanded audience, where they can surprise, entertain, and inspire," said Thomas Morrissey, Theatre Now's Producing Aristic Director.

The 10-Minute Musical: An Anthology from the SOUND BITES Festival
The 25 licensable musicals in the collection are included in the new book The 10-Minute Musical: an Anthology from the SOUND BITES Festival, which is published by Theatre Now. This first-ever anthology of 10-minute musicals features works selected from the past six years of the annual SOUND BITES Festival of 10-Minute Musicals. The book is available for purchase here.

Special Live-streamed Event
To celebrate the partnership with MTI and the release of the book, and to highlight the artistic value of the 10-minute musical, Theatre Now will be presenting two live-streamed events on November 13th and November 20th at 8pm. Each evening will be hosted by Thomas Morrissey and Colleen Harris and will feature material from the upcoming SOUND BITES 7.0 Festival of 10-Minute Musicals, including new music and interviews with the lyricists and composers. Tickets are free and are available here.