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How To Succeed In Business...
Power, sex, ambition, greed.... It's just another day at the office in this classic satire of big business.
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Ragtime Set for Sale
Beautiful Boardwalk inspired Set for "Ragtime". 
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Little Women
The costumes for Little Women have to be period perfect.  It is impossible to tell the story of "Marmee" and the four March girls without having costumes that fit the Civil War period.  We have all the costumes you need for a full...
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A Little Princess
If you are putting on A Little Princess you are going to be on the hunt for high quality girls dresses.  Look no further! These girls dresses are just what Sara and Ermengarde would be wearing.  And we haven't forgotten about Becky-we...
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Beauty and the Beast, Jr.
"Beauty and the Beast, Jr." can be daunting, and those middle school sizes are sometimes tricky to fit.  And your costume rental company cannot accommodate all your needs. Don't worry! We have you covered. We have 14 "Silly Girls" and 8 ...
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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
We have the perfect cotton calico dresses for your "Seven Brides."  All hand crafted, with high quality cotton, they will be sure to make your show look period perfect! All dresses come with petticoats to help make the dress fit just right.&nbsp...
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Guys and Dolls
Sometimes all you need to complete Guys and Dolls are the costumes for the "Hot Box Girls": like "Bushel and a Peck" and "Take Back Your Mink". Don't worry, we have got you covered! We have 14 "Bushel and a Peck" pink gingham costumes, 15 "Take Back...
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1776 Rental Costumes
Here at The Costumer, we have over 150,000 stage-ready rental costumes and with a collection like that we can costume almost any show! Visit our website TheCostumer.com and view the list of over 400 shows that we are ready to costume as well as pictures...
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