Spookley The Square Pumpkin: The Musical

Spookley The Square Pumpkin: The Musical
Perfect for the Halloween season, this is the spook-tacular TYA show about everyone's favorite square pumpkin!

Based on the wildly popular books and animated special, Spookley The Square Pumpkin: The Musical combines the spectacle and joy of Halloween with delightful songs that people of all ages will love! Airing every year on Disney, the animated television special, adapted from the bestselling Spookley book series, has been a long time Halloween tradition for families all across the country. A Theatre For Young Audiences (TYA) musical with a big heart, Spookley The Square Pumpkin: The Musical is no tricks and nothing but a treat for all ages!

Spookley The Square Pumpkin: The Musical tells the story of a square pumpkin living in a round pumpkin patch on Holiday Hill Farm. Shunned by the other pumpkins, Spookley is befriended by Edgar, Allan and Poe, three hilarious spiders who convince him that, square or not, he has a right to be the Pick of the Patch. Encouraged by kindly Jack Scarecrow, Spookley tries his best, but he isn't sure he has what it takes until a mighty storm threatens Holiday Hill Farm. Spookley realizes it is up to him and his square shape to save the day. As a result, all the pumpkins in the patch learn that the things that make you different make you special.

Make Spookley The Square Pumpkin: The Musical the "Pick of the Patch" this Halloween season!

More than a Halloween Hit

Spookley The Square Pumpkin: The Musical is more than a Halloween hit. With a message of acceptance, Spookley has become an essential tool for dealing with bullying and social wellbeing. In October 2018, Spookley the Square Pumpkin returns as the "Official Spokes-Pumpkin" for National Bullying Prevention Month through a partnership with PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center. For more information on Spookley's activities with PACER, visit: www.PACER.org/Bullying/

Available to educators, an Enrichment Guide provides classroom activities, recommended reading, and other resources.


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Questions & Answers

April 17, 2019
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Can I just buy the soundtrack?

For the Spookley the Square Pumpkin: The Musical, is it possible to only purchase the music soundtrack for the play? I am not looking to buy the lisence for the production. I am just looking for a way to buy the soundtrack for my children since they love the music. Sorry if this an odd request. 

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