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Streaming an MTI Show

License, capture, and stream your next production with MTI. Digitally celebrate live theatre while creating an additional revenue stream for your organization.

Click here for our current list of available titles to stream.

Introducing a new online licensing, ticketing, and content creation platform made for schools and community theatres to celebrate and showcase live theatre. Hosted by ShowTix4U in partnership with MTI and Broadway Media, the new platform will enable organizations to obtain the rights to stream live musicals, sell tickets to events, capture and stream live performances, and have streaming royalties automatically paid in one easy-to-use solution.

(Please note: this service is for amateur customers only. Restrictions may apply outside of the US and Canada.) 

There are four easy steps to get you to your digital opening night:
1. Apply for a Performance License & Streaming Rights License
2. Ticket and Create Event
3. Capture Your Production
4. Stream Your Event

Click here for our current list of available titles to stream.

We've broken down each step in detail below. Please read these steps thoroughly to acclimate yourself with this exciting new platform. Be sure to check out our FAQs.

Step 1. Apply for Performance & Streaming Rights

We are excited to offer three* different types of Streaming Licenses, each with different ways for you to license, view, and sell tickets to your show:
Live-Streaming: Sell tickets and stream a live event in real-time.
Scheduled Content: Sell tickets and stream pre-recorded content you schedule for viewing at a fixed time or times.
Video On Demand: Upload a pre-recorded video of your event or previous productions for patrons to purchase and watch on-demand.

MTI offers Remote Performance Rights for select titles – the ability to produce the show with cast members performing remotely rather than live onstage. Remote Performance Rights allow you to use video conferencing technology (e.g. Zoom) or other recording methods to create and capture a “Remote Performance” of your musical to be shown on the streaming platform. Learn more and see shows available for Remote Performance Rights.

Be sure to check out our FAQs for more information.

Stream Your Next Production
You'll need to apply for a Standard Performance License AND, if the title is available to stream, return the Streaming Rights License included in your production contract. All of this can be done via MyMTI.

MTI will then process your Standard Performance License and you will receive a royalty quote for your regular in-person performances, based on your ticket prices and average audience size. (Please note: You will NOT receive a separate royalty quote for streaming from MTI as those royalties will be charged and automatically collected by Showtix4U.)

Already have a performance license for an upcoming show?
If you have already obtained your Standard Performance License for a title available to stream and would like to add a Streaming Rights License, simply go into your MyMTI Account and add the Streaming Rights License needed under additional resources

Stream a past production
If you are you looking to provide Video On Demand or host a viewing of Scheduled Content for a previously recorded production that you had a video license for, simply re-apply for a Standard Performance License with the new dates you'd like to host the previously recorded content and return the Streaming Rights License with your Production Contract.

*(Please note that not every show will have the same Streaming Rights available (in some cases all three options will be available, while others may be limited to one type of license). Additionally, not every show in our catalog is available to stream.)

Step 2. Ticket and Create Your Event

Head over to ShowTix4U’s familiar ticketing platform at to create your event in minutes and begin selling tickets. Once you create an account on the platform, you will need your MTI access code to validate your production on the ShowTix4U site. You can find your MTI access code on your production contract or in your MyMTI account.

Step 3. Capture Your Production

In order to capture and stream your production, you will need a camera as well as software. Our friends at Broadway Media are offering hardware rentals and a brand new FREE product called ShowStream – a powerful real-time video and audio capture software for single and multi-camera presentations. Their suite of production services includes best practices, training and dedicated customer support. Information on ShowStream can be found here.

For shows with Remote Performance Rights, you will need to use a platform like Zoom to capture/record your performance. Please click here for more information about Remote Performance Rights.


Step 4. Stream to Your Audience

The ShowTix4U website will house your Live-stream, Scheduled Event or Video-On-Demand show in a dedicated streaming room with interactive features designed to absorb your patrons in a communal theatrical experience.

A Note About Streaming

MTI has worked closely with authors and other rightsholders to make streaming available to amateur groups who are eager to present their shows during these challenging times, despite the unprecedented obstacles producers face in bringing audiences into their theatres.

While the streaming option can deliver a stage performance to remote viewers, we feel strongly that streaming is not a comparable substitute for a live, “in-person” theatrical experience. Theatre is unique in the person-to-person connection it offers to audiences and performers alike and we look forward to the day when streamed performances are no longer necessary to support our customers engaging in this great art form.

For more on the importance of Live Theatre, please read this 2018 article from Psychology Today.
FAQs and Tutorials

Check out our Virtual Performance Toolkit for a visual breakdown of the different remote/virtual options, a free Remote Performance Guide, and more.

Please check our FAQ page for general information on Streaming Rights, licensing, platform usage, fees, and many more frequently asked questions.

ShowTix4U: An informational tutorial and demo giving participants an in-depth look at how the ticketing and streaming platform works can be viewed

Broadway Media: Broadway Media’s team of production experts will be available to walk customers through streaming software and hardware solutions. Customers can schedule appointments on


Please email us at for any of your questions regarding your MTI Streaming Rights License or about any MTI shows that are currently available to stream.

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