The Thirteen Clocks

The Thirteen Clocks
A magical fairytale filled with swordplay and wordplay, based on the popular children's book.

Fred Sadoff and Marc Bucci have transformed James Thurber's deliciously offbeat fairytale into an enchanting hour of musical wit and magic for adults and children alike in The Thirteen Clocks.

When an evil Duke captures a beautiful Princess, her beloved Prince must find one thousand jewels and unfreeze thirteen clocks that the Duke has stopped. If he fails, the Prince will be devoured by the invisible Todal. With the help of a fumbling sprite named Golux and an old woman whose tears turn to gems, the Prince frees the Princess, leaving the evil Duke to the terrible Todal.

A masterpiece of make-believe, The Thirteen Clocks is a charming, whimsical work in the tradition of Lewis Carroll and L. Frank Baum. With a small cast and a shortened running time, this is a perfect choice for a touring children's theatre or a theatre with a strong educational component.



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