13 Daughters

13 Daughters
The spirit of nineteenth-century Hawaii fills the stage in this hilarious and heartwarming family musical.

Author Eaton Magoon, Jr., himself a native of the Islands, combines universal themes with a lush, exotic locale for a one-of-a-kind experience that will have your audiences saying "Mahalo nui loa!" ("Thank you very much!").

Newlyweds Chun, a Chinese merchant, and Emmy, a Hawaiian princess, are enjoying nuptial bliss. Because Chun is not of Hawaiian descent, however, the marriage is soured by an omen that stipulates that none of their daughters – of which they are about to have thirteen – will marry until the buds on their thirteen calabash trees blossom. Twenty-six years later, no tree has blossomed, and the daughters remain unwed. By tradition, the eldest daughter must marry first but she seems more interested in missionary work, and the outlook is grim for the others. Occurrences have a way of falling into place positively, but when it comes to love – omen or not – the daughters' luck is soon to change.

13 Daughters is big, bright and dripping with melody. The writing combines universal themes with a lush, exotic locale for a one-of-a-kind experience. This musical also serves as an excellent showcase for theatre troupes and companies with a culturally diverse talent pool.




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June 23, 2014
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13 Daughters Recordings
Aloha!I was 16 when I first saw this musical in Honolulu, 1963. I have the original LP and the program. I am looking for hopefully a CD or cassette recording. Does anyone here know if these are available? No success other than finding some snipits online. Mahalo,Al Ku'ahi WongBoston, MA
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