A Family Affair

A Family Affair
This tuneful, neurotic and universally appealing musical explores what it takes to make it to a wedding day.

Written by the wickedly funny Goldman brothers and John Kander, A Family Affair is a treat from the golden age of Broadway.

To the elation of their guardians, Gerry and Sally have decided to marry, and Sally's playboy Uncle Alfie declares it his responsibility to throw the young couple the perfect wedding. Tilly Siegal, Gerry's mother, declares it her responsibility to make sure that Alfie doesn't mess up. Their vastly different opinions prove to be a breaking point for all, but as they fire a heavy artillery of caterers, dressmakers, rabbis, florists and photographers, they forget the love that their children share for each other. All parties concerned soon realize: weddings may be an actual family affair, but the most important people involved are the ones saying "I do."

Hilarious and heartwarming, A Family Affair is a wonderful opportunity to show off comedic chops. Although the action centers around one couple, a handful of strong supporting performers are integral to the plot. Ample creative character doubling and strong scenic design can be also be implemented to great effect.



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