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About Us

Licensing the world's greatest musicals since 1952.


About Us

Raising the Next Generation of Theatre Artists and Audiences

MTI has made every music and drama teacher’s life in America easier – including mine. They make it possible to license and produce the show with their materials and incredible educational resources. MTI is the first place anyone who knows goes.– Holly Stanfield, Theatre Arts Teacher, Kenosha, WI

Access to the arts is a right, not a privilege, and Music Theatre International is deeply committed to arts education and the positive impact experiencing a musical has on a school and a community.

Our special collections of developmentally appropriate musicals for student performers ensure that the arts continue to flourish at all levels.

Conceived by MTI CEO, Freddie Gershon, in 1996, Broadway Junior® musicals are perfect for teachers or directors who are new to musical theatre and are seeking to introduce students to the joys of participating in a show. Broadway Junior™ musicals are condensed, author-approved versions of classic musicals, Disney favorites and modern works, custom-tailored to the needs of young people and schools.  Accredited K-9 schools receive special discount pricing on all Broadway Junior ShowKits®.

For the high-school market, MTI's School Edition musicals are author-approved adaptations of shows whose content and production requirements previously proved challenging for student performers. While specific to each title, some changes include alternate keys more suitable for high school voices, the removal of some adult language and content and edits to the libretto, creating an abridged running time.

MTI is also dedicated to numerous educational organizations – sponsoring conferences, workshops and festivals for teachers and students across America.

We are strong supporters of programs and initiatives that bring arts programming into under-served schools and that make musical theatre accessible to all students, regardless of their ability.

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