Annabelle Broom

Annabelle Broom, The Unhappy Witch
A witch clashes with her tough magical superiors over her unconventional beliefs.

Casper the friendly you-know-what has nothing on this non-conformist witch, who'd rather be chic than "shock"! Annabelle Broom, The Unhappy Witch is an enchanting children's musical about a young witch whose love of fashion keeps her in hot water with her elders.

Bucking tradition is always tough but, when you're a witch and it's the scaring season, things get even more complicated. Annabelle Broom finds herself in this exact pickle when her heartstrings are tugged by two lost kids in need of a grownup's assistance. But, as she's already at odds with her pointy-hatted superiors, Annabelle could lose her haunting card if she doesn't frighten the youngsters. Placing its protagonist at a crossroads, Eleanor and Ray Harder's children's musical explores what happens when doing your job means ignoring your conscience.

With its delightful charm, gentle wit and winning sense of humor, Annabelle Broom, The Unhappy Witch is the perfect family show and a natural choice for Halloween. A small, predominantly female cast and simple piano accompaniment make it particularly easy to produce for schools or community theatres. Throw in some lively dialogue, catchy songs and an exciting chase scene, and you've got utterly bewitching entertainment!



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