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January 7, 2009
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I do have one question. Does the accompaniment for the musical only contain the piano part? We would like to use live musicians in our performance. (Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass, Percussion etc.) Do Broadway Jr. kits contain these parts? Could you please let me know. Donald Ringwood, NJ
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February 8, 2009
we wrote our own orchestration when we did a production of Bugsy Malone JR. piano sax clarinett trombone bass drums

Staff Answer
January 7, 2009
Orchestrations for MTI shows are not available for the Broadway JR collection. Broadway JR titles are shipped with a rehearsal and a performance CD with pre-recorded orchestrations. To use a live orchestra, please apply for and use the full show version instead of the Broadway JR version - which contains all the orchestrations for a show.