Casting a School Production: Getting Kids Into the Act

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January 7, 2009
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Are there any teachers or directors who have difficulty getting students to audition for shows? What do you do when there's a shortage of male students? How do you target a strong performer and encourage them to audition again?
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April 13, 2009
Do you work with middle school students or high school students?

February 25, 2009
When there is a shortage of male students, I have often just cast girls to play boys. For most shows, this has worked out very well. I have found girls who are excited about being on stage have no problem playing a part that would normally be performed by a boy. (I don't change the character to a girl.) On the audition sheet I have the students fill out at auditions, I always write, "There may be some roles that are meant for a boy that will be filled by a girl. Are you willing to play a boy part?" If they answer no, or tell me that it makes them uncomfortable, I don't cast them in the role. But, as I said, I find most female students don't care, especially when the kids are really excited about playing any part.