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August 11, 2010
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Having spent the last 30 years involved in theatre, we are well aware that raising extra funds is always a HUGE need. When we began our costuming business for BEAUTY & the BEAST five years ago, we began a fundraising branch with light-up roses. With no 'up front' costs and the ability to return any unsold roses - clients are enjoying a NO RISK fundraising opportunity and making thousands of dollars. We have expanded products to include pink sequin hats for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, red & white stovepipe hats for SEUSSICAL and light-up candles for FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. But we want to do more!We would love your input..what other MTI shows would you like to see us represent AND what product (for that show) would you recommend?Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!!!
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November 13, 2012
One of our local photographers takes creative photos for groups in the area. It shows off his work (and he is a big supporter of the arts). We have raffled off the photos (they can be poster size).

September 20, 2012
When we did Phantom Tollbooth Jr., we sold raffle tickets to win Milo's (brand new cherry red RAZOR scooter). We raised $300 for The March of Dimes. Piggy-backing that idea of stuff used in the show that people want.....we have also done the lockers from "13" and "HSM" to raise $ for musicians. We sold WONKA candy during Wonka Jr. (with a few golden tickets who got a backstage tour). We do a costume rental fund-raiser at Halloween for theater families. And, we have a running joke that we make more $ selling swedish fish and water than we do selling tickets every time. Don't under-estimate concession sales! If you don't have an intermission, sell before and after the show.

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September 19, 2012
I recently saw a production where they sold little chocolates with a blank label attached to the wrapper. For $2, audience members could buy a chocolate and write a note to a cast member on the blank label which was then delivered to the actor during intermission and after the show. Very cool.

September 14, 2012
We also do themed cookies, etc. But the great thing about the light up roses was that they were actually used by the audience during the show. I mentioned in the curtain warming speech that they would be used at a very special moment in the show. Of course, every girl in the audience (ages 6-60) HAD to have one so they weren't left out! We sold them like crazy during the intermission. I would love to have something like that for Willy Wonka; something that can add to a moment in the show. The idea of bubbles that they can blow during the fizzy sceen would be nice but I fear the dropping of scores of opened bottles of soap -- a clean up catastrophe and a potential liability. I think some sort of Golden Ticket idea would be nice.

August 25, 2010
We have a huge spring musical each year.....and our tradition is to have a THEMED concessions area in the lobby for our shows. Whether it is a marketplace for Aladdin Jr., dozens of different types of rubber duckies to sell for HONK! Jr. or whatever ....... we always make our food and trinkets fit the show. Kids and adults both enjoy the themed refreshments and souvenirs!! In addition to offering the themed food/treats, the concessions area itself is designed and decorated to be an extension of our show. We had the pirate ship at dock for our production of Peter Pan, for instance. The set committee knows that some building for concessions is included in their job description! It has become something our patrons look forward to each year! And....the best thing is.....concessions usually make enough to fund our annual show (and we spend $3000-4000 to produce each show.) Oh! Did I mention this is an ELEMENTARY school drama club? This has worked very well for us!!

August 23, 2010
Wonka ideas...anything with a squirrel on it (because Veruca Salt is the BEST villain, ever), bubble bottles (fizzy-lifting stuff), pinwheel hats a la Augustus Gloop.... For the 60's theme, we just did a show and we sold sugar cookies w/ peace signs on them - they sold great - and peace symbol necklaces...and of course, lots of daisies.

August 21, 2010
Wonka products be a natural? Of course if you are looking for something non-perishablesome Oompa Loompa doll?

Any thoughts for Willie Wonka gifts??

August 13, 2010
Our local HS is doing SHOUT! early this September and we were talking about this very thing yesterday. I wonder if tatoos, beads, Peace signs, flowers, etc. would be easy sorts of things to sell to theatergoers. Can't say that we came up with anything (although someone thought of Pot brownies and everyone had a good laugh). Anyway, it seems like thaat kind of stuff might be a possible idea.

August 13, 2010
Pot brownies...that made me giggle. Thanks for the laugh on a Friday! HeeHee