Beauty & the Beast w/ Grades 4&5

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March 11, 2018
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I was wondering how many people have performed Beauty & the Beast with elementary aged kids? Our Drama Club did Lion King Kids last year and Aladdin Kids this year. Both shows were quite successful and I usually have btw 60-80 kids involved. Is there a huge jump btw a Kids version and a Jr version? Thank you!

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July 22, 2018

I have not done Beauty and the Beast but I have done many Jr. versions with that age group, and with that amount of kids.  I like the Jr. versions for this age.. however, I always add an intermission and make it into 2 acts.  It always runs longer than an hour in my experience, and with an intermission it ends up being about a 90 min run - which is perfect.

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March 21, 2018

Many elementary age kids have performed Beauty and the Beast JR very successfully.  You have an ideal number of cast members to perform it as well as having large ensemble experience with Aladdin and Lion King.  The main difference is the 60 minute running time, (added rehearsal time) and the musical numbers are a little longer in length. You can supplement narrators, (there are 4), and servants and villagers can be augmented in great ways.  I would recommend that when you look at the script, think about keeping the set relatively simple. (Many go all out and use up the majority of their time with it.)  You truly need a village, forest and castle.  The other parts can many times be played in front of a traveler with a set piece.  Happy to talk sbout options for this show- sounds like your kids will handle it well and are ready for a JR!