Middle vs. High School Licensing

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December 7, 2015
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I am registered to MTI as a high school teacher/drama director but want to do The Lion King JR. because there are both high school and middle school students who participate in our school's production. When I tried to request the license, I was not able to get through the site due to the fact that it is only available for those registered as middle school teachers. We did Annie JR. as the school's first ever musical production (as we have no drama department) last year and it was a huge hit. Is it possible to get the license for this show in my given situation? Both the middle school and high school students are dying to do The Lion King JR. and are novice enough to benefit greatly from the entire experience package. Thank you! -Erica Condon, Ferriday High School
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December 11, 2015
Hello, To license a musical, you must be added to an organization. If your organization is to listed then set up a new organization below the listed organizations