Creating Water

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April 15, 2014
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Hello - are there ideas out there about how to make water. We have considered using pieces of fabric, but were wondering if there were other ways that are creative and feasible for our middle school budget. Thanks!
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April 26, 2014
Hi Daniel, I've talked to a few people and there are some suggestions that could be made. I would suggest you join the iTheatrics group on Facebook. If you post your question on there, they will all respond back to you and many of us have our pictures on our Facebooks. I will see if I can find my flashdrive with the mermaid pics Spence

April 24, 2014
We are in Monroe, NC. Any help would be wonderful! Thanks so much!!!!!

April 24, 2014
Daniel, What's your email or facebook. I have pics of my production from last year on my facebook but I can email you pics and specifics of my team's work. Spencer

April 24, 2014
That would be great! my e-mail is - I am Daniel Stanford on facebook with my other e-mail address Thanks!

April 23, 2014
Daniel, Where are you located? Would it help if I shipped you our pillars or took some pictures and sent them to you? They were quite inexpensive to make. Could you also consider having some props on the sides of the stage or some fabric that runs slightly off the stage that is bluish/silver? Happy to try to help out a bit more with ideas if you need it. Spencer

April 16, 2014
Hey Daniel, When we did little Mermaid Jr. we used a medium colored blue gel mixed with a white light that gave the stage the underwater feeling. In addition to that we were able to use cardboard pillars that you can buy for very cheap at a store and then lightly sponged them with some flourescent colors and got some fishing net and drapped it over to give that Atlantis-like ruins under the water. What does your budget look like and when do you need it? Spencer

April 16, 2014
Thanks for your help! We don't have a theater at our school so we performing at our high school. We are at the mercy of the limited lighting and space on their stage. We thought about gels but aren't really sure if there are enough lights to sacrifice one or two to a specific gel. We are down to around $800 after costumes and things. Our show is May 9,10 and 11.