High School Appropriate?

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May 28, 2010
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Is this show high school appropriate? I saw videos on Youtube of some songs that may be questionable, but the version on MTI seems to be different, with some of those songs cut already.
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June 29, 2010
Great question Coleman, The libretto's song list is exactly as follows: Become Boy With Dreams Caitlyn and Haley Be My Friend Transition #1 Lying There In Short I Once Knew Transition #2 I Hmm You I've Gotta Run Man of My Dreams Transition #3 Part of a Painting Ready To Be Loved Coasting You can always request perusal at MTIshows.com to learn more about the show!

June 26, 2010
Thanks for the information. Does anyone have a full song list for this show? There seem to be many different videos, and recordings floating around on Youtube, and I'm having trouble getting an accurate list of songs. Is the list on the MTI show's page correct? If so, why are some songs listed in the descriptions, but not sampled at the top, and vice versa?

June 2, 2010
It all depends on the community your high school is in. There's nothing in the language of Edges that is inappropriate. By that, I mean that there is no foul language or sexually explicit lyrics. Some of the subjects can be perceived as mature ("Man of My Dreams" can have a very positive or very negative reaction). Again, it all depends on the community. There isn't TECHNICALLY anything inappropriate. If you're that worried, however, you might want to check out another revue: Starting Here, Starting Now. A great show and very appropriate.

May 29, 2010
um. It depends on what is appropiate for your high school Edges is really geared towards college students, so the language and topics are pretty mature, in basically all of the songs. Also it's a song cycle, not really a musical. Meaning its more of a concert that tells a story than a full-fledged musical.