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October 6, 2016
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Hi, My district is looking at producing a Jr. version of a musical for our middle schools and someone mentioned that we may own a complete set of "Into The Woods, Jr." I've not directed/produced a Jr. version before, but does that change the pricing/cost of the rights?
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October 6, 2016
It does not change the price. You pay each time you perform something. If you buy a jr. version you can perform it as many times as you like within the same year it was purchased.

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October 6, 2016

HI John! Welcome to the JR world. 

 Broadway Junior musicals are condensed, versions of classic musicals. The music is written in keys that are appropriate for developing voices, and all shows can be expanded to accommodate as many performers as can fit on your stage. 60-minute JR. shows such as Into The Woods JR, are typically appropriate for performance by middle school-aged students.The best part is that everything you need to produce your Broadway Junior™ musical is included in the ShowKit® of materials, which you keep.

Purchasing the showkit provides you with the licensing right for one calendar year. If it has been over a year, you will need to purchase a new license which comes WITH a showkit as well as the license for a year. Materials in JR shows come with the license agreement so students may keep the scripts.