IMP is planning to do Ragtime in June 2017. We have done before but I don't know which version. Can you tell me? What is the difference between Version 1 & 2?

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June 30, 2016

Hi, Susan - I can't tell which organization IMP stands for, but you can always see your organization's past history by logging into and clicking the Include Past Bookings link on your list of bookings.

Version 1: This is the version of text and score used in the original Broadway production. The Broadway show featured a lavish physical production, but it has been successfully re-imagined and scaled down scenically for numerous stock and amateur productions. Version 1 supplies the original Broadway orchestrations, designed to be played by 28 musicians. (Depending on how many string players you hire, this version could work with as few as 22 musicians)

Version 2: This version of Ragtime was presented on tour, and on London's West End. It features a revised text and score so that it can be done with minimal visuals and scenic effects, or even in a concert format, using no scenery whatsoever. It is designed to be played with as few as 19 players. (The full, Broadway-sized orchestration of Ragtime Version 1 is also available for this version for concert presentations, if desired.)