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January 4, 2016
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My theatre company is doing Sleeping Beauty (the Prince Street Planers version). Your online character list includes The Dwarf Brothers; however, there is no mention of them in the libretto or the cast list. Is there a different version of the musical that includes these characters? Thank you in advance.
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July 27, 2016
Thank you for raising this question re The Dwarf Brothers appearing in the Prince Street Players, Ltd. SLEEPING BEAUTY. Unfortunately I guess you have already finished the production, but to answer your question. The inclusion of the Brothers in the text of the description of the show was accidentally written by the ad copy staff at MTI - In fact if you had leased the show in February the text had been corrected. I scanned all of the texts written by MTI and corrected several misleading items. I hope your production was a great success. In fact Prince Street Players, Ltd. is creating a new web site and if you did enjoy doing the show we would love to have a quote to use in our new web site. If you would be so kind - please write me at - I am the President of Prince Street Players, Ltd. and would love to hear from you.