Can you give some particulars about cast etc.?

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May 12, 2016
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Can you tell us how many parts in the main cast, and which musical numbers are included?
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May 13, 2016

Hi Steve! This will be a great show to expand the cast!  The ensemble can be many (Whos, Fish, Jungle Citizens and Wickershams). Here are the musical numbers that will be included. Hope this helps!

Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!

Horton Hears A Who

Here On Who

Oh.The Thinks You Can Think!

It’s Possible part 1

It’s Possible part 2

Alone in the Universe

The One Feather Tale of Miss Gertrude McFuzz

Monkey Around/ Chasing the Whos

Horton Sits on the Egg/Dilemma

Solla Sillew

The Whos Return


Oh The Thinks you Can Think!

Green Eggs and Ham (Bows)