Appropriate audience for Pirates of Penzance Jr?

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Our youth theatre group is considering Pirates of Penzance Jr. for our next season. I've been watching the movie and listening to the music and trying to figure out if it will work for us. We are heavily dependent on our school sales to support the company's productions, and I'm trying to imagine our grade school students coming to see this, and struggling a bit. I LOVE this musical - I think it's terrific; but I'm uncertain how young audiences will react. I have sent off for the perusal package to hear it and get a better sense, but would be grateful for feedback. We just did Peter Pan and had kindergarteners and grade 1 students flocking to our doors - who am I really targeting at our schools if we take this on? Is it going to work with the younger grades, and if so, do I need to make a package for them to prepare for it? I'd be grateful to hear of others' experiences.
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