Hunchback Bells

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  • Hunchback Bells
  • Hunchback Bells

Cathedral Bells - 5 bells, 3 sizes - SHIPPING AVAILABLE

Styrofoam coated in plastic Mounted on wooden yoke Ring-able, with stationary clapper $1500 for all five, or $400 each.

Rental length: 3 weeks, shorter rental not reduced in price. Additional weeks available.

Contact for additional rental information.


  • Cathedral Rails
  • Cathedral Pews
  • Rose Window
  • King of Fools Banner
  • Moon/Sun Banner
  • Molten Lava Curtain
  • Costumes


Large (Quantity: 1)

5 ft at base, 5 ft tall, 80 lbs


Medium (Quantity: 2)

4ft diameter at base, 4ft tall, 60 lbs


Small (Quantity: 2)

3ft diameter at base, 3ft tall, 40 lbs