"Newsies" Scenic Projections

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This set is designed for "Newsies" but will  also be appropriate for any 1900 large city setting.  All of our sets can be easily modified  to be adapted for more than the show(s) they were designed for.

Interactive and semi-modular digital set with pre-built sequences, cues, and effects. Designed, pre-programmed, and tested for the show by theater professionals - all registered copyrights and trademarks owned by: Music Theater International & Disney. All digital content not including these aforementioned registered trademarks and copyrights are copyrighted and owned by SLShowTech © 2022.

This rental includes a digital interactive app download or customized HD renders with our pre-made cue list for the show or customized to the needs of your show and venue. Easily make any necessary changes like swapping digital set actions, lighting, changing cue orders, changing or removing sound cues, altering cue timings, or even removing digital set pieces like a bed if you already have one onstage then receive a high quality render suited to your theatre's needs or a fully interactive digital set if your computer fits the minimum specifications. 

Each show can be customized for your artistic vision and there is no charge for edits.