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  • Sorority House Backdrop for the performance of Legally Blond
  • Courtroom Exterior Backdrop used in Legally Blond plays
  • Wood Panel Interior backdrop used in the courtroom for the show Legally Blond

From balmy California to the halls of Harvard University, you can create the perfect settings for your production of the musical comedy Legally Blonde with the help of stage backdrops from Grosh Backdrops and Drapery.

Take your audience along on a humorous and heartwarming adventure with the beautiful but overly girly Elle Woods as she goes on a quest to realize her Ivy League dreams and to win back the heart of the man she loves.

Our backdrops include images of spring landscapes and a sorority house, which you can use to represent the grounds of UCLA and Harvard. We also have images of courthouses and prisons, which are perfect for the scenes when Elle is battling her opponents in court.


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