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  • Pirate Ship Deck is used in productions of Peter Pan
  • Lost Boys Forest Backdrop is used in stories of Peter Pan
  • Pirate Ship Deck Backdrop is used in productions of Peter Pan
  • Interior Room Backdrop is used in productions of Peter Pan and Nutcracker

Fly with Peter Pan and Wendy into their great adventures with a fairy named Tinker Bell. the lost boys, the Indian princessTiger Lily and the pirate Captain Hook with Grosh Backdrops.

 The Darling household is a place of joy, consisting of the three children, Wendy, John, and Michael; the practical and sometimes stern father, Mr. Darling; the loving mother, Mrs. Darling; the children's nurse, a dog named Nana. Now, Peter Pan is a mischievous little boy who can fly.  The story of Peter Pan is his adventures with the Darling Children on the island of Neverland. 


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