Beauty and the Beast Maurice Invention

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  • Maurice machine trike
  • welded Maurice invention
  • other side view of welded trike
  • Maurice machine front view
  • Maurice machine supports over 205 lbs

$500 - not including shipping. (Of course, if you pick it up, no shipping is needed.) This Maurice invention was constructed by an engineer who welded it together using a trike as the basis. This machine is 76" tall by 90" long by 42" wide. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that it is eye-catching and totally unique. The disadvantage is that the width makes it impossible to get it through normal doorways. It has a fairly tight turning radius. Because it is a fairly good size however, it does not work for tiny stages. The axe works via a handle that can be operated either on or off the trike. There is a cam connected to the pedal system that makes the lid of the pot go up and down. The pot was constructed to hold dry ice - allowing for a smoke element to the machine. There are fake gears connected, but there are also many ways to connect other items that time did not allow for completion. Because it is welded and sturdy, it could be rented out to other groups, but we do not have the room to store it.