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  • Edna TurnblatdTracy Turnblad
  • Edna Turnblad
  • Hairspray

Good Morning, Baltimore! And Welcome to the 1960s! Tracy Turnblad wants to dance on the Corney Collins Show, as does her arch-rival Amber von Tussle. Edna Turnblad and Tracy learn to love themselves the way they are, and work towards integration with Motormouth Maybelle and her musical gang, the Dynamites. Mr. Pinky asks Tracy to be the spokesmodel for his plus-size dress shop.

Every show customized to your production’s needs. We hand-select your costumes from the hundreds of thousands of costumes in our ever-evolving stock. We do not buy our costumes “off the rack". Each of our costumes is a Norcostco Original and will not be found anywhere else because we custom manufacture our costumes; we always have. Our staff of designers / theatre professionals continually strives to create the highest quality garments available and make them perfect for today’s Top Shows.