Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - flying car, sets, props, SFX and projections

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This is everything you need to put on the full show 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' including a flying car! The set is stored in two 20' containers in Adelaide and has already made many trips interstate. Show support - a site visit by a Pelican Productions representative to provide training on car operation.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car which flys and has a blow out float and wings. Has operational lights.

SETS included:
1. Old Chitty car 
2. Junk truck
3. Baron truck (including phone and phone table) - does not include 2 baron chairs and chaise)
4. Motor bike on truck with seatbelts for pull across stage
5. Tandem bike on truck with seatbelt for pull across stage
6. Petrol bowsers on truck
7. Spy bush on truck
8. Toyshop truck
9. Breakfast making machine (incl. table and 4 stools)
10. Sweet making machine
11. Hair cutting machine with wig and magnets attached
12. Barons rostrum
13. Jeremy and Jemimas bed with backing including cogs with boats attached that turn around and bedside table
14. Outhouse 
15. Baron's car
16. Lever
17. Child catcher's cart
18. Doll on music box - box
19. Box for Caractacus rag doll box
20. Table for children's to come under and Baron's cake  

21. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - the car both flies and floats

PROPS included:
1. Happy Birthday banner
2. Circus tent in fairground
3. Rugs for JJ's bed
4. picnic rug
5. 1910 British Grand Prix banner x 2
6. British flags for opening scene and handkerchiefs
7. 8 hoops with flowers attached for Vulgarian Square
8. 2 maypoles for Vulgarian Square
9. train carriages for breakfast table (Electric train carriage was borrowed)
10. Grappling hook
11. 20 purple or green trays with sweets for Sweet Factory
12. Baron's birthday cake
13. Tablecloth for Baron's birthday table
14. Spy backpack phone
15. Flotation rings x2
16. Chu chi face rose
17.Kitchen utensils for children to chase Baroness

SFX - full show

Projections - moving hand illustrated projections as well as illustrated still picture projections.