Aladdin smoking magic genie lamp

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  • Aladdin magic lamp smoking effect

This fabulous professional quality prop will bump up the production values of any production. This magic lamp for the show “Aladdin” has a remote control smoking effect just like the one used for the Broadway production.  Please watch the video for full effects. *I added genie sound effects on the video.  I can send those sound effects to you with rental if wanted. Rental actually comes with two lamps. The one with the smoke effect and one for use in scenes where no smoke effect is required.  Lamps are metal and very durable.  These can be shipped but since I make these props myelf, I much prefer to deliver them personally or have them picked up.  This also ensures that in the rare occurrence that there is a problem that I can come out to fix and troubleshoot if needed.  If shipped, best I can do is FaceTime and try to fix remotely so shipping is done at your own risk.