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  • Mamma Mia Set Rental - Opening and exterior- Stagecraft Theatrical - 800-499-1504
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StageCraft Theatrical is pleased to announce its brand-new Mamma Mia set rental package is now available for rental.

This package features a unit set that transitions into the various locations through a well-thought out chorography. Designed to look like the Greek Island or Ydra, the set combines real Greek charm, inspiration from the movie and of course the Broadway shows.  This set is designed for theatres of varying sizes and includes the complete village. A fly system IS NOT required for this set. Each of the units is on a wagon. It is these wagons that turn around to reveal the different locations. 

This Mamma Ma scenery rental package set travels in one 53' truck and is a straight forward assembly. Included scenes follow the Broadway show exactly - the village, Donna's bedroom, the beach, the dock, Sophies bedroom and the show portal. 


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