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  • Trekkie Monster Puppet
  • Princeton Puppet for Avenue Q
  • Rod Puppet Avenue Q puppet rental
  • Kate Monster Puppet
  • Lucy Puppet avenue Q puppets
  • Lucy the Slut Puppet Avenue Q StageWorthy arts
  • Kate Monster Puppet from StageWorthy Arts
  • Rod Puppet Avenue Q puppet rentals stageworthyarts.com
  • Mrs. T or Mrs Buttz puppet Avenue Q
  • Bad Idea Bears Avenue Q

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Avenue Q

Puppet Rentals:

2 Kate Monsters 

2 Princetons

2 Lucys


2 Trekkie Monsters


Bad Idea Bears

Mrs. T

Ricky and New Guy

• Additional Items Included
- Princeton’s graduation hat and gown
- Princeton’s bath robe (also worn by Lucy)
- Modest dress for Lucy
- Rod’s red book
- Robe for Kate Monster (if needed)
- PJ elements for Rod and Nicky (sleeping cap/gown and/or sleeping masks) - Puppet stands for backstage storage
• Add-ons
- Moving Box Puppet Ensemble with moving mouths (set of 10)