Barber Chair and Squib Rental

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Our barber chair and blood squibs for Sweeney Todd are both available for rentals! Our Sweeney Todd chair is designed to pivot to allow the chair to face the audience for the kills and then pivot back into place for the drop. The chair has levers for the drop on both sides of the chair, allowing for flexibility in staging to use this chair in just about any space.

Our blood squibs are CO2 powered and produce a sustained spray to simulate the throat slit effect. The rigs are controlled by a button that the actor wears on their wrist and the packs and hoses fit under their costumes. Two blood rigs are available and are used repeatedly during the show. Blood rig one is used by Pirelli, Victim 1, and the Judge. Blood rig two is used by Victim 2 and Sweeney Todd. 

The barber chair and the rig can be rented independently or together. Please contact us with specific dates and needs to determine pricing.