Little Shop of Horrors set of 4 puppets

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  • Audrey II

Created during a total eclipse of the sun! 4 Creature set of Audrey II's for sale/rent! Built for an 8 performance run, Then refurbished them when they were returned, so they are brand new again. Looking to sell cause we need the space, ($7500 OBO) but will rent them out for your production, ($2500 +deposit for 3 weeks and $1000 a week after). Pod 4 can swallow a six ft actor and is surprisingly lightweight as it's constructed from L-200 foam. Buyer/renter is responsible for any and all shipping charges or you can pick it up during regular business hours at our studio in Capitola, CA For further info Email us at #dontfeedtheplants Also we're a full service studio. Consider us for all your puppet, prop, and costume needs!