Avenue Q Puppet Rental

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Theatre Wesleyan at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas, had the opportunity to create puppets for their 2019 production of Avenue Q, based on an original student design.  The puppets are now available for rental inquiries!

Students built the puppets under the supervision of Kathy Kreuter of StageWorks USA and Irene Corey Fabrication & Design, where she had previous work on national tours of Rudolph, The Red-Nose Reindeer and the hit PBS television series, Barney & Friends.  After inviting original Broadway cast member and puppet designer, Rick Lyon, to teach a puppetry workshop to the cast, he gave feedback on the construction of the puppets.

Promotional and in-performance photos of the puppet can be found at this BroadwayWorld Dallas/Fort Worth article: https://www.broadwayworld.com/dallas/article/Photo-Flash-First-Look-at-Theatre-Wesleyans-AVENUE-Q-Playing-April-25-28-20190423

To inquire about puppetry rental, please email theatre@txwes.edu or call (817) 531-4892.  More information on the production can be found at www.txwes.edu/theatre.